Baby Basics of Collier County supports hard working parents who are struggling to make ends meet and need diapers for their babies. Baby Basics of Collier County currently serves about 345 babies at nine distribution sites. Since 1994, Baby Basics of Collier County has distributed almost 3 million diapers to families in the area. Read more about Baby Basics.

3 Millionth Diaper Celebration a Success

Baby Basics celebrated delivering their 3 Millionth Diaper at Waterside Shops on March 13, 2014.  Click below to see some pictures (courtesy of Lane Wilkinson Photography) of this fantastic event. [Show as slideshow]

When poor parents can’t afford diapers, babies wear dirty diapers longer

They are the first line of defense against infection and disease — and are even linked to preventing depression and violence. Desperate people will sometimes steal to get them. No, this is not a story about illicit pills or drug abuse. It’s about disposable diapers, an item the poor need desperately. Researchers are starting to […]

Poor Moms’ Anguish Over Diaper Costs

NBC News Health published and article addressing everything we have been saying for 21 years about the Baby Basics program.  You may have seen this article but if not please read it and send it to everyone you know. We had the antidotal information and they just justified it in a study. The study was […]



January 24, 2015
Annual Baby Basics Walking Challenge

May 2, 2015
Annual Mother’s Day Tea at the Ritz



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