Good News For Baby Basics

Baby Basics of Collier County would like to send a big thank you to all of our supporters!  Recently we have been blessed with these generous gifts and grants allowing us to serve even more babies in need.

Diaper Donations:

A big thank you to the National Diaper Bank network for facilitating the first shipment of free diapers from Kimberly-Clark. We received 1000 diapers which provided diapers to 22 babies for a month. That is a good start and we are hoping to receive more in the next quarter.

The supply was sent directly to Steve Stresen-Reuter of Precast by Design in Bonita. Steve is the generous man who helps us move all the diapers to our distribution areas twice a year. Thanks Steve. We are grateful to generosity of Huggies (a Kimberly-Clark brand) and K.I.D.S. Organization who delivered the diapers to us.

Grants received:

The following grant money will allow us to add 15 new babies to the program and create some very special social connection time at each distribution site. We will do a education program and a community building program with refreshments.

  • $10,000 from Trinity by the Cove
  • $10,000 from Naples United Church of Christ plus and additional $2,400 from NUCC from the Mother’s Day offering
  • $1,000 from Sam’s Club



November 10, 2014
Annual Champagne Fashion Show

January 24, 2015
Annual Baby Basics Walking Challenge

May 2, 2015
Annual Mother’s Day Tea at the Ritz



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I have been a Baby Basics volunteer/site manager for the past 7 years.  I love it because we can give encouragement and help to ensure happy babies through friendship to moms and dads.  We give all of our families a gracious hand-up while they are trying to do their very best.Trish Kelly, board member

Just as we were about to have our last child, life seemed to be going great.  Then my husband's company closed and we lost our house.  Baby Basics was there for me with more than just diapers.  We were a family used to giving help - not asking for it.  Thank you for helping make our life a little easier.A Program Participant

I was thrilled to have served as Honorary Chairman of the Baby Basics Biking and Walking Challenge event presented by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney at North Collier Regional Park on February 12, 2010. As a law enforcement officer and a parent, I strongly believe in the good work being done in our community by Baby Basics of Collier County.Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk

Baby Basics is a very special nonprofit that provides diapers and caring for low income families. Diapers are a basic necessity and are very expensive. This organization relieves these families of some of their financial burdens. By volunteering, I have the opportunity to meet these families and their children, providing one-on-one contact and observing how appreciative they are.Sue Reynen, board member

As a Baby Basics volunteer, I feel that I play a small part in helping parents who are working hard to bring up happy, healthy babies. Not having to buy expensive diapers allows parents to provide food and other necessities to ensure happy, healthy families.  Meeting with these families and witnessing their gratitude is a special perk of being a volunteer.Selma Flieder, volunteer