Good News For Baby Basics

Baby Basics of Collier County would like to send a big thank you to all of our supporters!  Recently we have been blessed with these generous gifts and grants allowing us to serve even more babies in need.

Diaper Donations:

A big thank you to the National Diaper Bank network for facilitating the first shipment of free diapers from Kimberly-Clark. We received 1000 diapers which provided diapers to 22 babies for a month. That is a good start and we are hoping to receive more in the next quarter.

The supply was sent directly to Steve Stresen-Reuter of Precast by Design in Bonita. Steve is the generous man who helps us move all the diapers to our distribution areas twice a year. Thanks Steve. We are grateful to generosity of Huggies (a Kimberly-Clark brand) and K.I.D.S. Organization who delivered the diapers to us.

Grants received:

The following grant money will allow us to add 15 new babies to the program and create some very special social connection time at each distribution site. We will do a education program and a community building program with refreshments.

  • $10,000 from Trinity by the Cove
  • $10,000 from Naples United Church of Christ plus and additional $2,400 from NUCC from the Mother’s Day offering
  • $1,000 from Sam’s Club







May 2, 2015
Annual Mother’s Day Tea



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