I founded Baby Basics because I wanted all babies to have a chance to grow and thrive like my children did and now my grandchildren are doing.  The thought of babies having to be in diapers too long and crying from diaper rash was unthinkable to me.  But the real passion for this program came after hearing stories from proud, brave, hardworking parents.  Eric’s story is just one example.

Eric’s mom, Judy, told us that she was nursing her son and the salary check she received from being a secretary was lost in the mail.  They waited for days which turned into a week and they had no food.  Judy lost her milk and they barely had enough money to buy formula.  Eric stayed in diapers longer than he should.  Judy said, “If I would have had a program like Baby Basics, I would have had someone to turn to for help.”  Baby Basics was founded in 2004 to fill an unmet need–diapers for low income at risk babies.  Here are some stories about the difference our program makes in the lives of the families we serve.




Why I Give to Baby Basics

By Sue Reynen Baby Basics is a very special nonprofit that provides diapers and caring for low income families. Diapers are a basic necessity and are very expensive. This organization relieves these families of some of their financial burdens. By volunteering, I have the opportunity to meet these families and their children, providing one-on-one contact […]






May 2, 2015
Annual Mother’s Day Tea



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